Saturday, 5 January 2013

Recycling a challenge at the best of times!

We are into a new year and with my children home the rubbish bins and recycling bins are already filling up. We have a relatively good kerbside recycling system here so we only have to divide general rubbish, food waste and Recycled goods and the machines and then hand sorters do the rest. It can be overwhelming and soul destroying when my husband opens the recycling bin in the kitchen to find one of our sweethearts has mindlessly added a half eaten bowl of cereal or rotten apple and we have had to have many a discussion on what bin is used for what and why. Even today we found an empty fries packet in the food bin. My husband o spotting it came and asked my 8 year old what did this look like ? Sheepishly she said a packet , she then took it from him and proudly popped it in the correct bin. My husband came up with a funny anecdote which we laugh about which if you scroll down I will share with you to end this weeks blog. In the meantime I hope some of the information I have gathered to help my kids and myself will also help you.

Possibly the easiest item to recycle is cans and look at what a difference they hoped to make by 2010 I wonder how we are doing going into 2013 - Does anyone have any crafty ideas for cans / we would love to see those too so leave us a comment with your link.

Many schools are collecting your empty cartridges also look out for the bins in some stationary shops across the UK

Some schools gave the children mini battery bins for thier desks at home , don't pop them in your regular bin , find battery bins to dispose of them saving the mixed recycling unit from rejecting waste!

Just one contaminated bin affects the entire collection, think yourself as part of the bigger picture , if each of us is taking time to use the kerbside collection the last thing we want is for it to be rejected .

General recycling symbols
You're sure to recognise some of these common recycling symbols, but do you know the meaning of them all?
Recycling logos
Mobius Loop
This item can be recycled where correct facilities exist.
Mobius loop (with percentage)
This item contains x% of recycled material and can be recycled where correct facilities exist.
Green dot
In participating countries this means the manufacturer is funding a recycling program for products with this label. The UK isn’t a participating country.
WEEE directive
Shows that a product can be recycled separately from other household waste under the WEEE directive.
EU flower
An EU-wide award for non-food products that minimise impacts on the environment – detergents that are less harmful to rivers, lakes and oceans, for example.
Tidy man
Do not litter. A familiar addition to the packaging of many everyday items, this symbol simply suggests that the bearer should dispose of this carefully and thoughtfully.
This product (usually a drinks can) is made from recyclable aluminium.
Please put this recyclable glass container in a bottle bank.
Plastic recycling symbols
These symbols identify the type of plastic used in a packaging. Some councils only collect certain types for recycling – use the table below to identify which is which.
Plastic symbols and their meanings
Polyethylene Terepthalate
High Density Polyethylene
Low Density Polyethylene

Okay so you made it to the bottom of my blog - Great ! I know it is a boring topic but the impact is huge and so I leave you with this thought - words by my dd hubby.
One day, our daughter finished a packet of biscuits, got up, leaving the empty packaging on the table, which was becoming somewhat of a habit, and started to walk off.  I stopped her and asked "I'm curious as to why you didn't put the empty packet in the bin.  As I see it, there are four options..."
You didn't even think about doing it - That's thoughtless.
You thought about doing it, but you couldn't be bothered - That's Lazy
You thought about doing it, you knew you should do it, but decided not to - That's Bloody Minded.
You thought about doing it, but you honestly believe that it's my job, and why should you do it. - That's selfish.
So, given those options, which one was it?

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