Monday, 28 May 2012


Topic at church yesterday has got me thinking , many of you know that I am a firm believer in taking good advice and seeking the truth , I have spent hours researching possible causes for my ill health , chemical sensitivities and my children's special needs. To that end yesterdays topic whilst it was on a religious note struck a chord which I shall share with you - Sharing was the topic - it was made very clear to me that when you love something , you become almost obsessive in your nature , you feel joy,you feel refreshed,energized,focused and determined to share with others what has indeed made you feel like this . In the case of church you spread the good news to your family friends and neighbours as to how your faith affects you, in terms of love you find yourself talking passionately about your love interest , so in recognition of my obsessiveness it is therefore only natural that I have spent the last 19 years sharing whatever makes me 'tick'.

Over the years I have devoted hours to helping others , beginning with helping at my local nursery,moving on to fundraising for my church,National childbirth trust,national autistic society,various charities and groups including  OCD,ADHD,Bipolar,depression,drama,art,singing,Fibromyalgia,CFS,ME and CFS . I have held Tea parties ,coffee mornings and hosted endless events in my pursuit to help others and in turn my compulsion to learn about what affects those I love and also to learn about myself.
I think this is what lead me to my current choice to work at home - I found something which helped me loose weight, lower my cholesterol, energize me beyond recognition and a passion to share the news with others and genuinely help people like me wanting to make a difference to their daily lives . Many people as what do I do , how do I find the time what is my Why?  well simply put I do not sell anything , I share my stories with other people , I share what I have learned , what I have experienced and what life has dealt me - I do not charge for this . I have no monthly target , I have ultimate flexibility in my hours and I love being at home with my kids. I don't like having to host a party just to get a free gift and have been saddened in the past to see the pressure placed upon a willing host to chase those guests and then that guilt of asking them to buy things so that you qualify for that all important discount on the night. Don't get me wrong - I love free gifts , I love my friends so for me hosting parties or knocking on doors with leaflets or catalogues and having to sell a minimum amount every month just was not for me as I am no saleswoman .
 So I chose to earn residual income in quite a unique way. I signed up as a customer for awhile , having tried the products I decided I wanted the ongoing benefits of free gifts, discounts off my monthly shop and so I signed up to be a preferred customer. Not long after I realised that everytime a friend came over and saw the changes in not only me but my house they wanted to know what I had used . I was able to sign up as a marketing executive and refer just a couple of friends . Of course this took its time but how great is it when you hear that the person you shared your diet with , or your cleaning tips with actually tries it and it works for them too ! Sharing is good .
 Just like when you refer someone to your gym - you do your part you tell them why you like it and what works for you , it is up to them if they also join the gym and ultimately whether they then go to the gym every month to ensure they really are getting value for money on their membership.
So in my usual mummy rambling manner my message for today is - whatever inspires you , whatever makes your day easier than yesterday share it with someone , you never know it might make their day too !

Monday, 7 May 2012

This week I had a friend of mine design me a hummingbird . I just wanted to share it with you today as it is Bank Holiday weekend I am enjoying my time with the children as I go back to hospital on the 10th .Not been much time to Blog , but I will be back . Thank you Natalie !